Who We Are

The year is 2020 and the entire world has slowed down for one reason: to help save our fellow humans. With worldwide shutdowns, and separation from family and loved ones, we are more isolated than usual. Our communities have been forced to adapt to a changing landscape that is primarily viewed through a screen. We wear masks to protect those who need support, but cannot see the fellow grocery shopper’s facial expression or connect through a smile.


What’s even odder is that we’re facing this challenge, perhaps for the first time, as a global community.


Our essential workers keep our infrastructure running and provide basic services so that we can live our lives largely unaltered. Sure, Amazon Prime might not deliver your package for 8 weeks, but really- how much of an issue is that?


Our other essential workers, the artists, have been displaced from their jobs. Musicians' gigs, tours, recording sessions, and most other streams of income have disappeared virtually overnight.


We need art. Anyone who has watched a movie, read a book, or listened to music during this time, knows how important artists are to our global health. We need help making sense of our lives through the vision of a songwriter’s lyrics, social commentary in a tv show, or through emotions evoked when listening to a beautiful piece of music.


So how do we foster connection in an environment where limitations of physical distancing and the desire to do the right thing take precedence?


We connect safely. And with intention.


Contact us today for more information on how to get involved.


We need you. And you need us.

How This Works

  • We provide a socially-distanced “pop-up” concert in your neighborhood of acoustic music. Performers wear masks and can have minimal to no physical contact with the host. We bring all our own equipment. Concerts take place Sunday evenings from 6-7pm.


  • You help us promote. We will send a digital flyer that can be printed or emailed to all of your friends, family, and neighbors. Nextdoor is a great way to advertise!


  • A small minimal fee is asked to book the group. Additional tips can be offered through Venmo and cash.

  • Concerts will be live-streamed via Instagram or Facebook for those who are not able to be there physically.


All of our performing groups are professional musicians who have rigorously studied their instruments for decades. In our “normal” lives, we gig every weekend, often up to 5-6 gigs a week, play recording sessions for tv shows, movies, and artists, and tour the world.


Past clients and collaborations have included:


Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Universal Records

The Hollywood Bowl

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Yo-Yo Ma



Greek Theatre

The Grammy’s

Mercy for Animals

Booking & Rates

We're currently booking concerts on Sundays from 6-7pm through the summer. Please reach out to inquire as to availability. A limited number of dates are still available.

Regarding rates, our goal is to make The Neighborhood Concert accessible to anyone who is interested. Typical rates for private events range from $100-250/hour per musician. However, as this is not a normal time, we’ve adjusted our pricing to reflect that. We ask for a base rate at a level you feel comfortable with, and the remainder of the players’ fees will come from cash and virtual tips.


A suggested base rate amount is $75/player (for example, $300 for the quartet & $100 for the guitar/violin duo), but we will not turn anyone away due to financial strain.


Your financial commitment helps us pay our bills and continue to make beautiful music. 

By booking TNC, you will also secure a discount code for a future booking with one of our partners!



* travel fees apply for locations outside of Los Angeles

2020 The Neighborhood Concert